The Right People at the Right Time 


Emergency Management and Temporary Power following Natural Disaster

RED can rapidly deploy hundreds of skilled workers and needed equipment in times of natural or man made disasters. In the last 18 months we have deployed to: Saipan, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Georgia, South Carolina,North Carolina and Florida Stat.

What to expect:

-Provision of Mechanics, Electricians, MHE Operators, Laborers and Drivers to Install and Maintain Generators used in Emergency Temporary Power

-Supply of Equipment such as Trucks, Trailers, Light Towers, Fuel Pumps, Recovery tanks, Water pumps, Roll Backs and more.

Preventative Generator Maintenance, Installations & Support

Along with our Emergency Management deployment capabilities, RED also services Generators for residential, commercial, medical and government facilities. Conducting PM's, Installations, Repairs, Load-Banking and Fuel Polishing. RED also has a  Marine Division, specializing in Diesel Engines and Generators.

What to expect:

-Outstanding Service/Great Pricing

-Preventative Maintenance Programs

-General Maintenance

-Oil Changes



-Fuel Polishing/Cleaning

-Load Banking

Disinfecting Services

During the year people have become much more aware of sanitation and the need to ensure that workplaces, schools, gyms and public places etc.remain clean, sanitized and safe from Covid. Rapid Emergency Deployment manufactures, distributes and provide  resources to ensure that commercial cleaning expectations during these difficult times can be met.

Covid 19
Covid-19 Response

RED has responded to a number of State Government requests for equipment and supplies and have these deployed. RED has also developed an efficient sanitization method for large areas where we produce the disinfectant on site, for our teams to rapidly sanitize with a safe and non toxic product.




Born from a Hurricane called Maria that devastated Puerto Rico, Rapid Emergency Deployment (RED) has gone on to provide some of the best people and equipment for other Temporary Power missions at the Federal and State Level. In the last 18 Months we have deployed people and equipment to Saipan, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and more as well as Covid 19 response in Florida and South Carolina.
Recognizing the exceptional team members that we use during our Emergency missions, we have expanded into the Regular Generator Business, for both residential, commercial, medical, marine, and various government agencies. No generator or engine is too small, nor is it too large and our skilled technicians have had experience with them all in some of the harshest conditions you could imagine.


Our aim is to:

1.Provide outstanding resources quickly and efficiently in times of Emergency brought on by storms or any other natural disaster.


2.Be easy to do business with, both from a client perspective and a worker prospective. We do what we say we will do.

3.Grow a business where we can utilize our talented people on a full time basis.




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